Basuki Hadimuljono

/ Minister of , Public Works and Housing, Indonesia.
After more than six decades of its independence, Indonesia has made tremendous progresses in its economic development. Originating from a traditionall ...
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Arie Setiadi Moerwanto

/ Director General of, Highway.
Connectivity issues are one of the Indonesian Government’s prioritized programs, in order to minimize the gap of infrastructure development between ...
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Josh Thompson

A. Hermanto Dardak

/ President, REAAA.
The Asia and Australasia region are growing fast and improve its influence on global economic. Many of the G20 members come from the region. The REAAA ...
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Hediyanto W. Husaini

Hediyanto W. Husaini

/President, IRDA
On behalf of IRDA, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all REAAA members for giving chance IRDA conducting the 15th REAAA Conference 2017. ...
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Mary Jane

Patrick Sankey

/President & CEO, IRF
Roads are Asia’s first “social network”. They are fundamental building blocks for human and economic development whose impacts transcend nationa ...
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