Katahira Awards


Katahira Awards will be awarded to outstanding technical papers relating to the road industry presented at the 15th REAAA Conference by young professionals. The winning entry/entries will receive cash award/s and certificate/s. To be eligible for the Katahira Award:

authors must be below 40 years of age when the paper is submitted (20th October 2016). If there is more than one (1) author, then only the authors below 40 years of age are eligible.
author/s must be either ordinary/associate member/s of REAAA or employee of institutional members when the paper is submitted.

Authors must nominate for the Katahira Award when they submit their abstract and sign a declaration confirming they are eligible for the Award. Papers submitted for consideration will be judged by the Katahira Award Committee.

REF No. Topic Title Main Author Nominee Country Under 40 Member REAAA Katahira Awards
005 T5 Application of Image Processing Technology to Traffic Count Naoyuki Kawamoto Hirotaka Sekiya Japan YES Member Eligible
011 T1 An Expressway Slope Monitoring System Utilizing WSN And Data Fusion Technology Keiji Sakuradani Keiji Sakuradani Japan YES Member Eligible
033 T3 Evaluation on Selection of Excavation Method and Supporting System for Geurutee, Aceh Tunnel Fahmi Aldiamar Fahmi Aldiamar Indonesia YES Member Eligible
034 T5 Utilization of Tailing Ex. Pt. Freeport indonesia As A Partial Substitution of Fine Aggregate on Self Compacting Concrete Yanu Ikhtiar Budiman Yanu Ikhtiar Budiman Indonesia YES Member Eligible
051 T1 The Effects of the installation of Guide Lights on Driving Operations Shota Sone Shota Sone Japan YES Member Eligible
061 T5 Influence of Countdown Signals and Motorcycles Lane as an Entrance to the Red Box for Motorcycles as Signalized intersection in Denpasar Agah Muhammad Mulyadi Agah Muhammad Mulyadi Indonesia YES Member Eligible
072 T1 Evaluation of Long-Term Effects for Driving Safety Support Service Using Vehicle-infrastructure Cooperative ITS Kazuya Tamada Kazuya Tamada Japan YES Member Eligible
082 T5 Analysis of Construction Management Components to the Quality Performance of Flexible Pavement Preventive Maintenance Project Tisara Sita Tisara Sita Indonesia YES Member Eligible
088 T1 JAKI: Mobile Application for Road Condition Reporting in Indonesia Dimas Dewandaru Dimas Dewandaru Indonesia YES Member Eligible
089 T5 Vissim Simulation Model Analysis Before and After Construction of Flyover at Simpang Antapani Bandung, indonesia Taufik Sugian Sumardi Taufik Sugian Sumardi Indonesia YES Member Eligible
110 T1 An Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Motorcycle Lanes in Malaysia Alvin Poi Wai Hoong I. Siti Zaharah Malaysia YES Member Eligible
126 T2 Highway Rehabilitation Project for Sustainable Environment Development: A Case Study Of National Highway Route No.1, Tak–Kampangphet, Thailand Dr.Auckpath Sawangsuriya Dr.Auckpath Sawangsuriya Thailand YES Member Eligible

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