Scientific Committee

No Name Organization Country Expert In Status of Decree Short Biography
1 Achmad Wicaksono UNBRAW Indonesia Road Safety Available Available
2 Eric Howard Whiting Moyne Australia Road Safety Available -
3 Aine Kusumawati ITB Indonesia Road Safety Available -
4 Kieran Sharp ARRB Australia Pavement Available Availabel
5 Siti Zaharah MIROS Malaysia Road Safety Available Available
6 Purnomo IRDA Indonesia Green Infrastructure Available -
7 Sjahdanulirwan Pusjatan Indonesia Pavement Available
8 Wimpy Santosa UNPAR Indonesia Regional Growth Available -
9 Karl Bang KTH Swedia Regional Growth Available -
10 Max Antameng DGH Indonesia Financial Available -
11 SPR Wardhani UNDIP Indonesia Road Saftey Available -
12 Kazuyuki Kubo NILIM Jepang Regional Growth Not Available -
13 Miles Tight University of Brimingham UK Road Safety Not Available Available
14 Caroline Sutandi UNPAR Indonesia Road Safety, Regional Growth Not Available -
15 Andyka Kusuma UI Indonesia Green Infrastructure, Regional Growth Not Availble -
16 Jachrizal UI Indonesia Green Infrastructure, Regional Growth Not Available -
17 Martha Leni UI Indonesia Traffic, Green Infrastructure Not Available -
18 Endang Wijayanti UNPAD Indonesia Road Safety Not Available -
19 Biemo W Sumardi ITB Indonesia Financial Not Available -
20 Didik Rudjito Pusjatan Indonesia Traffic Not Available -
21 Hanaoka Shinya Titech Jepang Regional Growth Not Available Available
22 Aloysius Djoko Purwanto KUL Belgia Regional Growth Not Available Available
23 Eric Moreno Transportation Research Institute Mexico Regional Growth (Freight) Not Available -
24 Chandra Ballijepalli University of Leeds UK Traffic Available -
25 Agus Taufik Mulyono UGM Indonesia Traffic Available -
26 Heddy R. Agah IRDA Indonesia Pavement Available -
27 Sony Sulaksono Wibowo ITB Indonesia Traffic Not Available -
28 Hitapriya Suprayitno ITS Indonesia Pavement Available -
29 Agus Bari Sailendra Pusjatan Indonesia Road Safety Not Available -
30 Gugun Gunawan Pusjatan Indonesia Green Infrastructure Not Available -
31 Bagus Hario Setiadji UNDIP Indonesia Pavement Not Available -
32 Alan Marino UI Indonesia Traffic, Green Infrastructure, Road Safety Not Available -
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