Call for Technical Paper

Papers are invited from local and international authors, either from academic or professional communities, among others, encompassing the following streams:

Road Safety and Smart Transport System

Policy issues for supporting decade of action for road safety 2011-2020; road safety system approach; better safety data for better safety outcome; smart transport technology for improving road safety; policy, social and institutional ITS issues; mobility models and vehicular traffic models, driving behavior models and analytical and simulation modeling for implementing smart transport technology.

Green Construction and Sustainable Environment

Adaptation of road pavements to climate change; innovation in construction and maintenance; the use of marginal local materials for roads and bridges; roads to support sustainable environment development; environment consideration in road projects evaluation to ensure quality of life; protecting culture and heritage of the society, and climate resilient road standards for climate change adaptation.

Road Development to Support Regional Growth

Road and urban/regional development; keeping cities moving and pro public transportation for personal mobility; improve traffic and mobility; efficiency logistics supply chain; design of transport systems and development of urban infrastructures.

Road Financing Scheme

Managing project financing for sustainable road development, sustainable project delivery system and public and private partnership issues.

Other topics related to road development

The above topics are not exhausted. Other topics related to road development are welcome, e.g. disaster management, development and evolution toward better living

Image The authors are encouraged to submit full papers describing original, previously unpublished research results, not currently under review by another conference or journal. Paper shall be submitted in two stages, first as an abstract and then as a draft full paper after the abstract has been accepted. All submitted papers will be reviewed by independent reviewers. More information are available in separate booklet on ’Preparing Papers for 15th REAAA Conference’. The document can be requested from

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