Accepted Abstracts

REF No.TopicTitle
1 T3 The Economic Effect of the Expressway Development in tomei Expressway and Shin Tomei Expressway
2 T1 Effective Array Pattern of A Road-Surface Marking for inducing Driver's Perception of Vehicle Speed
4 T1 Method to Improve the Reduced Skid Resistance on the Concrete Pavement in Tunnels
5 T5 Application of Image Processing Technology to Traffic Count
6 T5 Relation Between Early Age Strength Properties and Timing of Joint Sawing of Concrete Pavement
7 T3 First Dedicated Elevated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System in Malaysia
8 T5 A Statistical Deterioration Model for the Pavement of Expressway Bridge
9 T1 Fundamental Study on Siphon Drainage Method for Landslide Mitigation
10 T5 Enhancing the Efficiency of the Road Management Work by Utilizing the GIS for Supporting the Road Operation
11 T1 Development of A Slope Monitoring System on Expressway
12 T1 High-Speed Weigh-in-Motion on Expressway is Now Starting to Make Road Safety in Japan
13 T1 Road Traffic Accident Among Children in indonesia Urban Areas
14 T2 The Effort for Success of Central Circular Shinagawa Route Project
15 T5 Impact Evaluation of Development toll Highway Projects in Malaysia
16 T5 Road Surface Management By Simplifed Roughness Measuring System Stamper-Fw
17 T1 A Stochastic Risk Management Method of Slope Disaster on Expressways With Reference to Rainfall
18 T5 Evaluation to Utilize the Asbuton for Pothole Repair Materials
19 T3 Bus Priority System for Non-Exclusive Bus Lane: A Case Study in Tainan City, Taiwan
20 T1 Determination of Transition Guidance Area in Work Zone on indonesia toll Roads
21 T2 Transportation Challenges of A Mega Project in An Urban Road Environment: Ichthys Lng onshore
22 T1 Determining the Prioritized Locations for Road Safety Improvement in Bbpjn-Iv
24 T5 Studi on the Properties of Guss Asphalt Mixture With Natural Rock Asphalt Yield From indonesia (Asbuton)
25 T3 Road Development to Accelerate Growth on 10 National Strategic tourism Areas in indonesia
26 T5 Effective Public Policy to Reduce Congestion in Metropolitan: Land Use, Public Transport, and Road Network Policy
27 T3 National Road Networks Development Strategies toward Regional Equity in indonesia
28 T4 Road Development on Sei Mangkei Special Economic Zone Area
30 T4 Gap Funding on Road Development to Support Regional Growth in indonesia
31 T5 Effectiveness of Static Antifouling Paint on Bridge Structures in Sea Water Environment
33 T3 Evaluation on Selection of Excavation Method and Supporting System for Geurutee, Aceh Tunnel
34 T5 Utilization of Tailing Ex. Pt. Freeport indonesia As A Partial Substitution of Fine Aggregate on Self Compacting Concrete
37 T5 Laminated Veneer Lumber (Lvl) Characteristics for Bridge Element Application
38 T5 Warm Mix Asphalt As Low-Carbon Technology in Japan
40 T1 The Effect of Road Factor on Crash Risk toward the integration of Asian Highway Network in Indonesia and Malaysia
42 T1 Application of integrated Road Safety Management System (IRSMS) in Identifying Blackspot on National Highway
44 T4 Cost Comparison of High Performance Concrete to Conventional Concrete in Bridge Works
46 T5 Operation and Security on ETC System of Japan
47 T1 Traffic Congestion Analysis of tourist Season By ETC 2.0 Probe Data
48 T3 Indonesian Road Asset Management System - Closing the Gap Between Deterioration Modelling and Fwp Validation
50 T5 A Study on the Aging Level and Mechanism of the internal of Asphalt Pavement
51 T5 The Effects of the installation of Guide Lights on Driving Operations
52 T1 Intitatives towards Strengthening of Regulatory and institutional Provisions for Enhancing of Road Transport Safety in Nepal
54 T4 Financial Scheme of Providing and Management for Rest Area on Non toll Road in indonesia
55 T2 Comparison of indonesia, United States, and Australia Green Roads Rating System
57 T5 Study on Minimum Standart Service (Mss) for Rest Area on Non toll Road in indonesia
58 T5 Pedestrian infrastructure Planning Based on Walkability Metrics
60 T4 Procurement System for Roads infrastructure Provision Through Public Private Partnership Scheme
61 T5 Influence of Countdown Signals and Motorcycles Lane as an Entrance to the Red Box for Motorcycles as Signalized intersection in Denpasar
63 T2 Warmix Asphalt Pavement Performance Using Zeolite Additive in Supporting of A Green Construction Development
64 T5 Analysis of Construction Management influence on Rigid Pavement Preventive Maintenanve Quality Achievement (Case Study: National Road in Riau and Riau Island Province)
65 T5 National Road Maintenace Program Based on Roughness Value, Deflection Value, and Pavement Moduly Elasticity Value
66 T5 The Urban toll Road Operating Speed Analysis.Case Study : Jakarta Outer Ring Road
67 T3 The Study on Bus Transfer System at Service Areas in Expressways for Better Mobility
68 T1 Analysis of Traffic Characteristics According to Snowy Weather Conditions on Expressway
70 T3 Challenges Faced in the New Klang Valley Expressway (Nkve) Malaysia, Fourth Lane Widening
71 T1 Road Accident Reduction Effects of Village Zones in Korea
72 T1 Evaluation of Long-Term Effects for Driving Safety Support Service Using Vehicle-infrastructure Cooperative Its
73 T1 Cold-Setting Step-Repair Material Using Asphalt Emulsion
74 T3 Development of Fast Breaking & Trackless Tack Coat
75 T2 Implementation of Long-Term Cost and Greenhouse Gas Analysis for Highway Rehabilitation Projects
77 T5 Analysis of the influence of Contractor Management Component to the Quality Achievement of Flexible Pavement Construction
79 T1 IRAP Star Rating of National Road in indonesia
80 T1 Construction Road Traffic Management on the Ichthys Project onshore Lng Facilities
81 T2 Supported Build Operate Transfer (Sbot) Effectiveness Analysis to Improve Financial Feasibility of toll Roads
82 T5 Analysis of Construction Management Components to the Quality Performance of Flexible Pavement Preventive Maintenance Project
85 T2 The Urgency of Environmental Specialist for Road Construction Project
88 T1 JALAN KITA (Our Way) Application As Solution for Road Condition Reporting for Smart City in indonesia
89 T2 Vissim Simulation Model Analysis Before and After Construction of Flyover at Simpang Antapani Bandung, indonesia
90 T3 Drainage System on Northern Java Coastal Road: Problems and Proposed Solutions
91 T2 Characteristics of Cyclists and Non-Cyclists With Factors Affecting Perception 1 on the Provision of Bicycle Lanes in Universitas Brawijaya and It'S Surrounding
92 T5 Dispersion and Its Effect of Silica Fume at Cellular Sprayed Concrete
93 T3 Outcomes of Fehrl Scanning tour on infrastructure Resilience
94 T1 Community Action to Improve Road Safety in Low and Middle income Countries
95 T1 Road Safety Engineering Capacity Building in Nepal
96 T5 Utilization of Secondary Materials in Hot Mix Asphalt As Filler: An Overview
97 T5 Parametric Study on Pedestrian Flow Characteristics Under Varying Gradient
98 T3 Determination of tourism Bus Performance in Large Cities in indonesia Based on Important Performance Analysis
99 T4 Roads Board Nepal As A Sustainable Maintenance Funding Mechanism
100 T2 Landslide Hazard Assessment for the German National Road Network Under Climate Change
101 T1 How Do Traffic Crashes Happen Among Young Drivers Aged 18-24 Years? Characteristics of Traffic Crashes Among Young Drivers: Abu Dhabi - Case Study
103 T1 Analysis of Seat Belt Use While Driving and Its Impacts on Drivers' Safety: Abu Dhabi- Case Study
104 T1 Speed Characteristics on Rural Expressways in Malaysia
105 T5 Development of the Wideind Method for Prestressed Concrete Slabs
106 T5 Development of Die and Rod Friction Damper for Seismic Retrofitting on Road Bridges
107 T1 online inspection System for Early Damage Detection
108 T3 Measurement the Circumstances of Links and the Dimensions of Nodes As A Basis of Measurement Connectivity in Gorontalo Province-indonesia
110 T1 An Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Motorcycle Lanes in Malaysia
113 T5 Improvement of intermediate Prestressed Anchorage Devices for Pc Wires on Road-Widening Work of Prestressed Concrete Bridge
114 T5 Operating Speed Characteristics at Speed Cameras Locations: Visible Against Hidden Cameras
115 T1 The Relationship of Safety and Components of Toll Roads Service
117 T1 Road Accidents in Urban and Rural Areas (A Case Study of Motorcycle Accidents in Dares Salaam-Tanzania)
118 T1 The Formula One Singapore Grand Prix - Insights from a Road Design Perspective
119 T5 Improved design of Indonesian pavement rehabilitation treatments
120 T3 Linking Jobs to Community with Transit Oriented Developments along Jakarta - Bandung High Speed Rail Corridor
121 T3 Tunnel Construction The Implementation of Cisumdawu Toll Road
123 T4 Contractor's Pre Financing As Alternative Investment Funds
124 T4 Road Project Financing Scheme in Sumatera Toll Road
125 T5 Development of North Kalibaru Container Terminal Phase I Port of Tanjung Priok
126 T2 Highway Rehabilitation Project for Sustainable Environment Development: A Case Study Of National Highway Route No.1, Tak-Kampangphet, Thailand
127 T3 The Jakarta Six Inner City Toll Road
128 T5 The Application of Big (Traffic) Data to Transportation Operations and Planning in the Asia Pacific Region
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